Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel. Part 1



For as far back as I can remember I’ve always been a little bit of a rebel. At church I was one of the few public school kids, so much street cred…In school I was one of a few metal fans, and even then I listened to heavier metal then most of the metal heads. I had different colored hair all through middle school, and other stupid hair styles ( so punk rock I know). Even through metal was my favorite genre, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, and early Rise Against were on my playlists. I hard an Anarchist beanie, had the cookbook, and considered myself an Anarchist without knowing exactly what it meant. Overall though I didn’t may attention to politics at the time. The War in Iraq seemed like a stretch, but taking out Saddam was a good thing, the WMDs on the other hand, well lets not go there. Point is I was more about trying to be punk rock I guess.

High school rolled around and for a while I avoided politics. The last two years changed that though. I realized I was getting older and needed to have opinions because everyone just HAD to know what yours was. I remember hearing a classmate proclaim that ” the only people who are against gay marriage, abortion and stem cell research are stupid christians/republicans” I was about to protest when I released crap, I’m a Christian and I kinda have that mindset. I didn’t want to be associated with a crowd like that, Republicans aren’t cool, everyone hates Bush right? So I started to slowly, very slowly form opinions on these things. I found that, at the time and in some cases now, I oppose these things not because I’m Christian, but because I did some research, and looked at the Constitution and simple right and wrong. But still, this isn’t the point of this post.

As time went on, I started reading the news (never watching the awful ENTERTAINERS on MSNBC, FOX, CNN…) and forming opinions. I found that on some major issues I was leaning very conservative, which I’m okay with. On other things, I was more liberal, which I’m fine with as well. Don’t get my wrong I hate titles, I think being boxed into either conservative or liberal is stupid ( though I admit, I’m more hostile to liberals, they tend to be more militant and annoying).

Trust me I’m trying so hard to get somewhere. This is what happens when I don’t write for two weeks and get distracted when I write.

The last couple years I’m always checking the news. I want to be able to remember major events and also see where things are heading. I got a crazy end of the world/doomsday preppers/conspiracy theory mind these days. I make an effort to be informed on things, that way I can actually vote and know what I’m voting for and why (way to many people take this for granted, even in the broken system of ours).

Occupy Wall Street…. I would be a liar if I said it didn’t spark my curiosity. I read about it online as it was being planned. I was familiar with Anonymous and other hackavist groups. While I don’t always agree with the things they do, they also do many good things. So early on I totally supported it. Taking a stand against the greed in this country, against all the lies being thrown at us from our government. Unfortunately, I saw it turn into something I couldn’t support.

Like any large group of protesters, there are some who ruin it for the collective. Believe it or not, I’m not talking about the masked anarchists that threw rocks and spray painted, civil disobedience is needed sometimes. It was the far out people, the ones filled with hate for anyone who didn’t share theirs views. That is what was all over the news, the fringe, yet it seemed more and more as time went on that, it was more than the fringe. There were also political groups at these protests, pushing their views, and enticing the crowds. In reality they were just lobbyists. Community organizers and unions have no place at these things.

occupy wall street


What I wanted since Occupy, since the early days of the Tea Party movement. I wanted everyone to wake up, to shake the foundations of this country. Politically and Socially. I wanna see a culture shift in the right direction. I want to see politics change. I’m absolutely disgusted with how things are being run. Both side make me sick, and I think I speak for a great many way I say something needs to change, and soon.

Honestly, this is a two-part post. More to come soon.


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